About The Ultimate Body Shaper Series

The Ultimate Body Shaper Series is designed to assist women with creating a healthier lifestyle and build body confidence by eliminating stubborn fat, diminishing cellulite, and toning loose skin through fitness and non-surgical body contouring treatments. We combine personal training and nutrition with three non-invasive techniques which are, ultrasonic cavitation, cryolipolysis, and electronic muscle stimulation (EMS).

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What to Expect at my Consultation?

When you attend your first consultation you will complete a 35 second 3D body scan which will measure your body composition and collect real time data such as your weight, body fat percentage, measurements, and muscle mass. 

After we review your body scan results, you will be required to complete a 20 minute physical fitness evaluation which will help give us a better understanding of your physical strengths and weaknesses. 

By the end of your consultation, we will develop and discuss a body contouring training plan that will best fit your personal needs and lifestyle. 

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