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My name is Daunyae Monique and I am a Master Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, & Life Coach who specializes in weight loss and women's health. I am also a mother of five who owns and operates multiple businesses and non-profits, so I understand the demands of everyday life as a working mother. This is why my goal is to encourage busy women to incorporate consistent healthy habits into their daily routine.


My pastor would always tell me when I would fall off from taking care of myself, "If you go down, everyone & everything else will too."


I realized that this included my work, children, spouse, and everything else that depends on me thriving. Because of this, I've committed my life to helping working women and mothers find time for self-care, because as much as we love our families and our careers, our physical well-being must be made a priority in order for those things to sustain & fully thrive.


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