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Frequently asked questions

How often do personal training sessions renew?

All personal training sessions automatically renew every 4 weeks. There are 8 sessions included in each package, unless otherwise stated.

Am I able to miss or make-up missed personal training sessions?

Yes. We understand that life happens, so in the event of an emergency, vacation, birthday, etc., we do allow make up sessions. But it is up to you to inform your trainer within 48 hours or else your session will be forfeited. All make-up sessions must be completed within the training period of the month that it was missed or else they will expire. Although your trainer will try the best they can to accommodate make-up sessions, they are based on your trainers availabilty and may only be subject to virtual online one-on-on sessions.

How often do group classes renew?

Group classes are scheduled often but do not auto renew at the end of the class term. If a member wants to continue into the next scheduled course, they must register before the current term ends.

How often are new videos uploaded to the onlne gym?

We upload videos weekly and new monthy challenges each month.

Where do personal training sessions take place?

Personal training sessions are booked at the clients desired location. You can schedule for your trainer to travel to your home where you would workout in your backyard, living room, apartment gym, or other designated area. You can also schedule to meet your trainer at a local park or at your trainers selected gym.